Why we’re more than an energy drink

It’s very common to find cans that look like Kanguru with the label of “energy drink” slapped on them in your supermarket or service station.

But unlike them, we’re so much more than an energy drink.

Most energy drinks exist for a singular purpose of giving you a jolt when you need it – to that end, they do what they say on the can. The problem is how they deliver it.

There are two core components to energy drinks, namely sugar and caffeine. While a typical energy drink contains as much caffeine as a cup of coffee (around 80mg), this is often in the form of synthetic caffeine (which has its origins in WW2 Germany), and the amount of sugar in them is equivalent to drinking that cup of coffee with nearly a dozen teaspoons of it.

But what next? Well, it’s usually the crash. As your body quickly metabolises and burns that sugar hit, your body comes down off the peak and begins to crave another. Before you know it, you’re putting away more of the bad stuff than the good stuff. Sure, you get through the workday, but at what cost to your body?

With Kanguru, we’re proudly sugar free, preferring to give your body what it needs in the form of super botanicals (and the natural caffeine derived from them) and balanced B Vitamins.

It’s because of these that we’re not just an energy drink. Sure, energy is a result of drinking Kanguru, but it’s just one of the benefits. By drinking two cans of Kanguru a day, you’re getting your requirements of all the things your body needs to perform at its best.

Be More with More B - Kanguru provides beneficial amounts of what your body needs to Be More

Between the Korean Red Ginseng, Yerba Mate, Schisandra, Guarana and Green Tea, Kanguru is rich in antioxidants, which help aid recovery and to boost your immune system. They can also help reduce inflammation, boost alertness and metabolism as well as normalising blood sugar.

So, we’re not just an energy drink. We’re an all-round wellbeing drink. And we’re better for you.

Kanguru contains a unique blends of core botanicals, balanced B Vitamins and minerals, natural caffeine, and no sugar.

All designed to support your body’s natural immunity, recovery and energy.

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