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Kanguru Ambassador - Des'ree Barnes
Des'ree Barnes

Des’ree Barnes is a seriously competitive individual and has been from a very young age whether riding her bike, running or just getting to the door in front of the next person. Although Des’ree has learnt how to win in her BMX career thus far, she also knows what it’s like to be beaten, a key element to the growth of any successful athlete. Since 2010 Des’ree worked with her strength and condition coach learning the movements and skills to build a strong foundation as she grows. In addition to Des’ree’s impressive BMX results she has also represented Australia for Olympic weightlifting at the Oceania and comm Championships in 2017, 2018 & 2019 with silver medals. Desree has also recently started track cycling and won the elite team sprint national title at the end of 2020.

There is a fire that burns deep within ‘Desi-Racer’ that cannot be doused, her results, motivation and future goals are testament to this.

Des’ee is focussed on the following goals for 2021 :

  • Compete at the BMX world championships first year elite.
  • Qualify for comm games weightlifting. 

Des’ree has a number of future goals which include :

  • Compete at the Paris 2024 Olympics in BMX/ track cycling
  • Compete at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Olympic weightlifting
Kanguru Ambassador - Richard Thompson
Richard Thompson

Described as “one of the greatest ultra-endurance athletes of all time”, Richard Thompson is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of what the human body and mind can achieve.  At 23, Richard became Hawaii Ironman World Champion in the 18-24 age group. He then turned his focus to the corporate world. After a number of years away from the sport, Richard decided to return to triathlon in search of an elusive goal – to find his potential and understand his own personal limits. He found Ultraman, and with the support of his equally-impressive team, Richard has become an unstoppable force at this distance. At the outset of his endeavour, Richard and his team set two massive goals. First was to become the world record holder on debut, and second was to win in Hawaii on debut at the world championships. Richard and his team achieved both goals seamlessly.

Kanguru Ambassador Tayla Simmonds
Tayla Simmonds

Tayla Simmonds started skiing at the age of two, and has gone on to be one of Australia’s top Tournament Water-ski exponents in Trick and Slalom.

Her first ever Australian nationals was at age 5 and only 2 years later competed at the 2010 International Junior Moomba Masters as the youngest in the world to ever compete. She also competed in her International Pro event, The Moomba Masters at 10 years old.

She has represented Australia in development teams, squads, Aus-Kiwi Competitions and the World Championship and is currently ranked 3rd best in the world for U18 Women’s Trick and 18th for open Women’s trick.

She has won 11  Australian National gold medals, holds 2 current Australian records and has beaten both her own U17 + U21 QLD state records over 5 times.


  • 1st best Open Women’s Trick Skier in Australia
  • 3rd best U18 Girls Trick Skier in the World
  • 8th best U21 Girls Trick Skier in the World
  • 18th best Open Women’s Trick Skier in the World
  • 5th best U18 Women’s Slalom Skier in the World
  • 2nd best U18 Girl’s Slalom Skier in Australia
  • 5th best Open Women’s Slalom Skier in Australia


  • U10 Australian National Trick Record Holder
  • U10 Australian National Overall Record Holder 4 x
  • U17 Girl’s Trick QLD State Record Holder 4 x
  • U21 Women’s Trick QLD State Record Holder 2 x
  • Jr Moomba Masters Girl’s Trick Champion 2020
  • Open Moomba Women’s Trick Finalist
  • 14 + Australian National Title Gold Medalist (div. event)
  • 6th place at the 2018 Junior World Championships 3 x
  • Australian Jr World Team representative
  • Announced on the U21 Australian World Team
  • Reserve for the 2019 Open Australian World Team
  • Announced on the Open Australian Oceana Games Team
  • 2020 Australian Jr Masters Trick Champion
  • 2020 Jr US Masters Qualifier 3 x
  • Consecutive Australian National Overall Champion
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